Frameworks // Mr. Roboto Project. Pittsburgh, PA.

Anonymous said: I saw you guys in Cleveland a few days back. You guys also earned at least one new fan. Anyways, I had no money on me at the time. Is there any chance you guys have some more of that tour merch available?

yeah as soon as we get home we will put up everything we have!! Thankyou! Cleveland was awesome and so was beachland

ICYMI: Skateboards, dogs, fireworks, fire.

If you haven’t yet, pick up our new album from Topshelf Records.


Loom - Frameworks (x)


Loom - Frameworks (x)

Video: Frameworks' "Loom" →


Frameworks’ debut full-length Loom is not only one of Recommended Listen’s favorite post-hardcore albums of the year, but breakouts from a young band on the rise altogether. The Gainesville punks sound billows tension, makes physical contact and then swallows you whole into their dark…

Frameworks Blow The Fuck Out Of A Car In “Loom”


Frameworks have released a new music video for “Loom,” and it gets pretty explosive. Watch here via Nylon Guys or below after the jump.

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Frameworks Release “Loom” Music Video


Frameworks have released a music video for “Loom” of them obliterating a car. Click Read More to watch it!

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Loom // Frameworks

I’m continually blown away by this band. What they kinda lose in being on a label/in a scene with a lot of similar sounding screamo/hardcore bands, they overwhelmingly gain with a sense of technical beauty to their music and a rad video to pair with the music. Plus, I kinda want to drink beers with these dudes and blow up a car too. LISTEN.

if you’re trying to go to the DC show buy a ticket now because some cool shit is happening and will probably sell out !!!!! pretty stoked